The Little Red Hatchery is Located In Maple Ridge

We are dedicated to giving you the best servie and the best local ducklings and goslings. 

Now specializing in Heritage breed chickens and rare chicken breeds $10.00  each

ask for the wholesale price 25 plus                            TAKING ORDERS FOR SPRING 2016 chicks arriving in February

                                CHICKS FOR THE 2016 SEASON , many other specialty chicks available upon request                                  

The most efficient heritage egg layers

Tinted Blue or Green or Rose Large prolific egg layers   Ameracaunas

Heavy layers of large brown eggs; Barred Rocks,  Partridge Rocks, Turkens

Very winter hardy, rose combed, great layers, Canadian Dominiques, 

 beautiful, rose combed  Silver Laced Wyandottes very good layers

Golden laced, Columbian, Partridge Wyandottes   

Large calm efficient layers; Black Australorps   Black Stars, 

The workhorses of the coop; Rhode Island Reds,  New hampshire Reds,  Production Reds

The golden gals; Buff Orpingtons    Buff Rocks

The gentle winter hardy giants;  Light Brahmas, Buff Brahmas, Dark Brahmas

A colorful blend of the best brown eggers; Production Reds, Buff, Red, Brown and Black Sexlinks

To show off the colors in your egg basket; best large white egg layers;

Pearl White Leghorns   Rose Comb Brown leghorns

Best Effecient Darkest Brown egg layers

Cuckoo Marans, Welsummers, Barnevelders

Also males available $5.00 each only from the heritage breeds listed

Bantam Japanese straight run $5.00 each

Special orders for different breeds upon request

Marlene 604-463-5316

cks and Ducklings      Gail Columbus 778-242-9355

                                                           pekin, cayugas, khaki Campbells, Runners, Muskovys, Buff, Crested

Murray McMurray Hatchery 515-832-3280    online catalog

Metzer farms  ducklings, goslings, fertile eggs

We have been breeding poultry for many years now and have a steady and happy customer base; We would be pleased to have you as part of our family too.
We are a family based business, situated in Maple Ridge,BC.



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