We have been breeding poultry for many years now and have a steady and happy customer base, in recent years with the demand for sexed, vaccinated chicks I started to bring them in from the US. All birds are from either from Ideal or McMurray Hatcheries, all chicks are from NPIP (http://poultryimprovement.org/default.cfm) approved farms.

I also hatch from my own  breeding flocks and offer straight run (unsexed) chicks.

We would be pleased to have you as part of our family too.
We are a family based business, situated in Maple Ridge,BC.

November 23rd all vaccinated females;  $10 each, $8.00 25 or more

Production Reds

Buff Orpingtons

Silver laced wyandottes

Golden laced wyandottes

Easter Eggers/Ameracanas

Gold Sex links

Black Australorps

All will be laying by spring

604-463-5316   littleredhenhatchery@yahoo.ca